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¡En Seguida!

This album is dedicated to the memory of Thierry Lalo.

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With Laurent Epstein (piano), Yoni Zelnik (double bass) and David Georgelet (drums). Special guests: Solange Vergara (vocal) and Guillaume Kervel (steel drums). Recorded by Pierre Dachery at Studio Prado (Paris). Mixed by Pierre Dachery and Didier Verna. Masterized by David Hachour at Color Sound Studio (Barcelona).
Copyright © 2020 DVL Records. DVL1120JZ.
EAN-13 (CD): 0745125589435.
EAN-13 (Digital): 4061798766185.


  • Promotion clip (first song)
  • "Didier Verna and his deluxe quartet. A Jazz heavily tainted with andalousian and indo-carribean musics. Pur Jazz, in any case. All the colors of Jazz." -- Jacques Pauper, Couleurs Jazz


While still primarily focused on contemporary Jazz, this third opus from the @-quartet widens its influences, yet again, by incorporating hispano-indo-carribean sounds (so to speak), a path unexplored until now. The repertoire becomes more singing, the orchestration richer, notably thanks to the presence of two special guests (vocals and steel drum) on four of the thirteen new compositions. When a steel drum weds an electric sitar in mazurka-land, one can expect anything, even flamenco!

Excerpt from the booklet: “It was two years ago, almost to the day. I was beginning to think about the third album from the @-quartet, aiming to continue to develop the opening of the repertoire on latin and carribean ambiances, to work even harder on the sound, whether global or purely guitaristic, and I might add, the make the music even more "singing"...

By a curious and terrible coincidence, it is at that precise moment that I learnt, from Solange Vergara, the passing of Thierry Lalo. That news was all the more brutal that we hadn't seen each other for some time, and I was not aware of his condition.

In spite of that recent distance, Thierry and myself were quite close, and I owe him a lot as a musician: my four years in the Voice Messengers, numerous musical encounters, including those which gave birth to the @-quartet. He was in the audience for the first live concert of Roots and Leaves, my second album...

Thierry Lalo was notably the founder of the Voice Messengers, also pianist, arranger, conductor and producer of the band. Above all, he was my friend. Dedicating this new recording to him was both natural and obvious. ¡En Seguida! will be out on November 16 2020, second anniversary of his passing...”